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    New Opportunity
    Shanghai International New Catering Ingredients Exhibition(SCIE) is an important part of CIE CHINA. It shoulder the key link of food health, safety, standardization of catering industry. At the same time, China’s catering is in the development period. According to relevant data show that there are more than three million catering enterprises across the nation, with the annual catering revenue of 39,644 billion in 2019, increasing 10.7 percent year-on-year growth. As the most diversified metropolis of hotel and catering investment industry in China, there are 16,927 hotels, 166,926 restaurants, 2,290 shopping malls and 23,641 convenient supermarkets in Shanghai. It has truly become the golden place and the distribution center of catering brands in the whole Asia-Pacific region. Shanghai is an international city of 28 million people, it will surely attract more hotel catering enterprises and investors from all over the country and the world to gather together, which will provide a broader space for the development of catering industry. In order to provide a platform to propagate, display and investment for domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of catering, Golden Commercial (GOLDENEXPO), the organizer of the exhibition will still make full use of the CIE CHINA as a platform to promote the development of China's new catering ingredients industry. Therefore, “China Catering Industry Expo 2020 and The 5th Shanghai International New Catering Ingredients Exhibition” still will be hold on May 7-9, 2020 at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, there will be tens of thousands of hotel catering institutions, chain enterprises, shopping mall, e-commerce trading platforms, urban distribution, fresh logistics, parks and other sectors in the industry come to attend the show through the face-to-face communication in the exhibition to enhance the friendship between the supply and demand sides, to promote the win-win cooperation between the two sides.
    Major Exhibits
    ·Meat ingredients: frozen / chilled meat, meat rolls, meatballs, ham, sausages, prepared foods and ready meal products.
    ·Aquatic seafood: seafood frozen products, dried products, live products, aquatic food and deep processed products.
    ·Poultry food: frozen poultry, split poultry, poultry meat prepared food, poultry meat deep processed food , egg ,etc.
    ·Vegetable fungi: quick-frozen vegetables, conditioning dishes, soy sauce pickles, pickled cabbage, vegetable products and various edible mushroom food and so on.
    ·Instant food: instant rice, instant soup, instant fast food, instant porridge, retort pouch and other instant food.
    ·Other ingredients: soy products, flour products, cereal products, wild venison and a variety of new organic ingredients.
    ·Food seasoning: edible oil, MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, sauce, soup, hotpot seasoning, etc.
    ·Related equipment: ingredients processing equipment, sterilization equipment, packaging materials and equipment, warehousing and cold chain logistics equipment, kitchen equipment and technology, kitchen waste treatment, food safety and inspection, etc.
    ·Industry related: restaurant chain franchise, research and development and training and management, information technology, etc.
    Target Audience
    • Relevant organizations and associations of various countries, institutions in China, trade institutions, international buyers China purchasing office,international trade institutions, etc.
    • Organizations, enterprises and institutions of catering industry, manufacturers, importers, distributors, traders, retailers, experts and scholars and related media and other professionals of catering ingredients supply.
    • Catering enterprise executives of catering enterprises, catering chain enterprises, restaurants, coffee shops, schools, troops, hospitals, airlines,cruise ships, trains and other fields.
    • Manufacturers, distributors, agents and wholesalers of catering ingredients, kitchen equipment, food processing industry.
    • Manufacturers, importers, traders, agents, distributors and online retailers, shopping malls, supermarkets and specialty stores, consumers and other stakeholders of food ingredients industry.
    • Investors and franchisees of hotel and catering, financial institutions, developers of commercial real estate, owners, property management companies, hotel operators, training institutions, design firms, manufacturers and distributors of supplies, etc.
    • E-commerce industry: designers and technicians of catering, buyers of such sites, etc.
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