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    Your present position:Home > Exhibitors > Sponsorships


    Increase your sales prospects at the Golden Commercial Trade Fair

    Introduce your company to a targeted group of buyers

    Announce your latest products

    Drive buyers to your booth

    • Admission tickets

    • Show guide

    • Show guide bookmark

    • The present bag

    • Paper cups

    • Indoor hanging banners

    • Doorframe

    • Outdoor balloons

    • Exhibitor presentation


    Admission tickets
    All buyers can not enter the fair without the tickets, on which the profile of your company will be showed. The ticket advertises scheme will be open to 20 sponsors.


    • Size: 210 mm(W)×90 mm(H)
    • Color: 4C + 4CParticipation Fees:4500(RMB)/10,000 Pieces

    《Show guide》
    Ensure repeat recognition for your company name and products by advertising in the official show guide that visitors use to find suppliers at the show.


    Advertising in the Show Catalogue: (Size: 285mm H × 210mm W)
    Participation Fees:
    Front cover: RMB 20,000.00 Back cover: RMB 18,000.00 Inside front: RMB 15,000.00 Inside back: RMB 12,000.00 Colored full page: RMB 6,000.00 Black-and-white full page: RMB 3,000.00


    Show guide bookmark
    This high visibility sponsorship item is placed inside all copies of the official show guide - a must-have for all buyer attendees. This item is available to one sponsor only.


    Size: 63 mm(W)×178 mm(H)
    Color: 4C + 4C
    Participation Fees: 20000(RMB)


    The present bag
    The bags and visitors' handbook will be given to all the exhibitors and buyers. It is a long-term and effective advertisement.


    Size: 300 mm(W)×400 mm(H)
    Participation Fees: 25000(RMB)/5000只
    Paper cups
    Secure maximum exposure to buyers through this useful item. Your logo will appear on an estimated 20,000 paper cups to be available at all buyers' lounges at the venue. This item is exclusive to one sponsor only.


    Size: 9 oz. capacity Participation Fees: 24000(RMB)
    Indoor hanging banners
    Get continuous exposure to buyers during their visit. Sponsor banners that feature your company logo, products and unique selling points on both sides. This item includes two banners.


    Size: 2 m(W)×2.5 m(H) Color: 4C + 4C Participation Fees: 10000(RMB)/Expo
    An eight-face column will be built up at the entrance. All the exhibitors and buyers will see your advertisement posted on the face of the column.


    Size: 2 m(W)×4 m(H) Color: 4C Participation Fees:8000(RMB)/Expo
    Outdoor balloons
    Your company's name and products will be posted on the balloons floating outside the exhibition halls. It is a good way to enhance your reputation.


    Size: Dia. 2.2m/2m Participation Fees: 3000(RMB)/Expo

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